War of the Burning Sky

An Audience with the King, Part 2

Under House Arrest

Goal: go to Bresk and convince King Steppengard to not let the Ragesians in

  • The group went to court that morning, which began with trials and hearings. On trial was Relder, the assistant to Jinis the proxy at court for Lord Gallo. He was being questioned by the King’s advisor Nina Glimmergleam. It appears that anyone related to Lord Gallo was on trial for either treason or conspiracy. It seems that Lord Gallo has been speaking of war when King Steppengard has made it clear that Dassen was not going to war, and after the King’s family was assassinated, it appeared that the Gallos must have been involved.
  • Dakers Gallo made an impassioned case for his father’s innocence, but ultimately was placed under house arrest until such time as proper evidence was uncovered that would either exonerate or incriminate Lord Gallo. Relder and Jinis were taken to the dungeons.
  • Rand then spoke on behalf of Seaquen and the Lyceum Academy, arguing that Dassen was involved in the war with the Ragesians whether they liked it or not.
  • King Steppengard seemed to be too distraught to consider things rationally, and granted the envoy from Seaquen three days in Seaquen during which the Council of Nine would gather and discuss the matter.
  • While in court, Shey had a break from reality… you should ask Shey about that.
  • Vola, Orvas, and Arvin decided to escort Shey back to the Gallo Estate, since that’s where Dakers had been taken, and Shey didn’t seem to be doing all super well. But on the way, they came across a crazy-looking person who said that they should leave because they were all in danger, and told them they should go north.
  • Later that evening, well after everyone was asleep, there was an attempted assassination or possible kidnapping of Balan Bastom, although Rand was able to put a stop to that.
  • As the assailant escaped through the open window, several members of the Talon police approached the estate. The police were armed with an arrest warrant, naming all members of the party, for interfering with police business and allowing a spy to escape. The charges were clearly trumped up, and Rand was able to convince them of an error in the writ that they needed to correct before they returned in the morning.
  • Upon having things turn so sour so quickly in Dassen, the heroes concocted a scheme to set the Gallo Estate on fire and escape in the commotion, faking their deaths in the process.
  • They headed to the northern gate of town, towards the Gallo holdings, where at the gate were mysteriously waiting eight saddled warhorses. The heroes mounted up and rode north.



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