War of the Burning Sky

Out of the Fire

Goal: To escape the Fire Forest of Innenotdir

  • Finding a tower and an abandoned village on a river, the heroes decide to keep Haddin, Crystin, Grace, Revelation, Sendell, and Torrent at the tower while they go investigate the “fire demon”
  • They head downstream in the direction that the “fire demon” told them to
  • They come across a fairy girl, Tiljann, who is being attacked by some of her own kin. They want her dead because she refuses to stop “singing the song”
  • The Song of Forms is what they refer to, which Tiljann sings because it is keeping them alive, and the others just want an end to suffering
  • Downstream is a village, populated by the fey who call themselves Seela. Papuvin is the leader, and his duty is to continue the song. Vuhl, a naysayer, was rather convinced that the situation was unnatural and that they should all just let nature take its course.
  • Tiljann is apparently the only one who believes that there might be another option – the Living Blade, once wielded by the heroine Anyariel, who was a lover to the dryad Timbre. Timbre lived in the First Tree, the tree from which the forest sprang, and the living blade was cut from one of its branches. Tiljann said that if they stop singing, the fire would consume all and the Seela, being bound to the forest, would perish along with it. However, the living blade might somehow be the key.
  • Timbre was not up for receiving guests, so Shey did something very stupid unusual. Upon reaching Timbre’s tree, which was engulfed in a wall of flame, Shey stepped through, and promptly caught on fire, screamed, and fell over. While Rand managed to lasso Shey’s boot and drag him out of the flames, Shey sat up, appearing to have a pair of flaming antlers on his head. He said they had to free the fire.
  • Back at the Seela village, Tiljann said that she believed that Anyariel’s last battle, in which she fell, was with a giant stag, and their remains were at the bottom of the lake. The heroes swam out and Orvas pulled the living blade from the side of a giant stag.


  • The stag emerged from the water, wreathed in flame, and began to hunt down the Seela that had been keeping it prisoner with the Song of Forms all these years. Vola and Orvas were able to convince it to let the Seela live.
  • The fire burned out and life returned to the Seela and the Fire Forest of Innenotdir



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