War of the Burning Sky

The Pyromancer's Tomb

Goal: Find the Pyromancer’s Tomb

  • Below the sunken prison, the heroes found a bored hole with a glowing red light. Turns out, there was some sort of magic creating a bubble below the water level. In an underground cavern, there were channels of lava running through that caused the red glow.
  • Within the cavern was the Pyromancer’s tomb, which held a small number of Ragesian guards, and a charming Inquisitor, who had been disturbed amid torturing someone.
  • The heroes defeated the Inquisitor and discovered a glass sphere with wind-like etchings that seemed to be the source of the storm, though Rand learned that it needed to be paired with a control rod that was missing before it could be used.
  • Exploring a little bit more, they found the Pyromancer’s tomb with an ominous warning: “The spirit of the Pyromancer Damatarion shall destroy those who disturb his body’s rest.” Inside the tomb, the heroes found a ring and a brazier, both of which were magical.
  • After freeing two prisoners, the heroes exited the tomb and encountered Lee Sidoneth who apparently owned the Orb of Storms, but Vola defeated him with a strike from the Stormchaser Eagle itself.
  • Takasi, Laurabec’s giant eagle, sadly informed the heroes that Laurabec had fallen during the storm and Takasi was unable to save her. The paladin had been trying to rescue people who were stranded on ships in the harbour. Takasi blamed herself, but Tajen convinced the eagle to carry on doing Laurabec’s work.
  • Tajen and Takasi decided to take over the construction of the Unity Temple that Laurabec and Vola had been working on
  • The Orb of Storms was returned to the Lyceum Academy
  • Rand died and Sequins went out of business, although Orvas purchased some supposedly demon-possessed ladies who the Academy was able to disenchant
  • Haddin became appointed to the Faculty of the School of Enchantment
  • Crystin and Grace decided to enroll at Lyceum Academy
  • Tiljann joined the Wayfarers Guild and invited the heroes to her debut performance



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