War of the Burning Sky

Vola's Journal, page ???

For the first time in a long time, I feel sure in what we are doing. I can’t explain the feeling, but I know the spirits are on our side this time. I can feel them in my magic, strong and powerful and resolute, more so than I am. I have been filled with an emptiness since we fled Gate Pass, with anger and bitterness and sadness, and to feel in control is something I have missed.
I feared, briefly, that I was letting my anger control me, in letting the white hot lightning crackle from my fingertips. I feel these booming, inescapable thunderclaps of rage explode inside me when I see the brutality and injustice of this cruel and merciless world we’re in. But the spirits would not allow me to take the wrong path, and they would not allow me to harness this much power if it was not their will. So I must be doing the right thing. I have never felt more comforted, more relieved, than I did standing in the midst of a harsh storm of my own making, the warmth of the lightning encasing me, and the triumphant faces of my companions around me. I am in control. Please, for once, let me be in control.



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