War of the Burning Sky

Vola's journal, page eleven

I am no longer surprised when I hear of more war. It is expected, isn’t it? Violence, and corruption, and grief, and revenge: they are a vicious cycle, and when one flame is lit it warms the air around it until they all catch. Lord Steppengard marches towards our current position, intent on warring against Dakersfather. He believes him to have killed his family, and we honestly have no evidence to the contrary, despite Dakers’ word. I do trust Dakers’, but he has been away from home for a long time.
Ragesia is inching ever closer, their forces held back by only the snow and bitter cold.
I am tired, so tired. Our travel has taken much out of me, and I long for comfort and rest. There is work to be done, however, and wars to win. May the spirits grant me guidance.



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