Curmudgeonly old wizard


Once strong and handsome, this man is now old and feeble, his brown hair stringy, his voice ragged from constant coughing. He dresses like a common merchant, but he clutches an aged book to his chest.


Twenty years ago, Haddin was a skilled artist and respected citizen of Gate Pass, but his half-orc half-brother Mandragore was a notorious criminal. One day, suddenly, Mandragore turned over a new leaf and began working to redeem his name. Rumors eventually arose that Haddin was mentally dominating his brother, and an investigation revealed it was true. Within weeks, amid protests of countless people who believed — right or wrong — that Haddin had likewise dominated them, Haddin’s reputation was ruined. His brother tried to defend him, but he was killed by rioters, and Haddin fled the city in disgust, taking with him only his wife and newborn daughter.

After some years, a young woman who closely resembled Haddin’s wife began coming to town to get supplies, her expression distant. The stories say that this is Haddin’s daughter, dominated by the bitter old mage.


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