Orvas Hurt

Sir Orvas Hurt of Gatepass, Shield of Dassen and Wielder of the Living Blade of Innenotdir, Swashbuckling Bastard


A young man of slightly below average height and slim build. The combination of slightly greyish skin, a very strong brow, and a mild under bite reveal, to those who are looking, his orcish heritage. He has dark brown eyes, and his black hair is tied back in a short ponytail. He goes about town in fine clothing, which he is notoriously bad at keeping clean. He is usually unarmed in Gate Pass, but he has two long rapiers that he will carry when he thinks there’s swordplay to be had (or when he wants swordplay to be had).
He is a friendly fellow, who tries to make friends with all the men in town, and friends with all the women. It isn’t unusual to see him at a different pub every night.


Orvus Hurt is the (1/4 orc) bastard son of Merrick Hurt, the current governor of Gate Pass. He was acknowledged as a babe, and lived his childhood in his father’s manor. They got along, but there was little love between them, and Orvus spent most of his teenage years out with his friend Rantle, causing trouble and crossing swords.
He moved out of his father’s house when he was 16, and spent a month having far less money than he was used to having. Erdan Menash, a member of the council, knew him from his childhood, and hired him on as an assistant. He did well in that role, and was being groomed for eventual entry onto the council.

Orvas Hurt

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