Half-Elf Shaman


A short, lithe Half Elf with a somewhat androgynous look, his Elven blood disguising his age of almost fifty years. His skin, much darker than your average Gatepasser, as well as his facial features betray his Wood Elf blood to those who would know the difference. He has brown eyes, which rarely seem to sit still, constantly flicking around in what looks like wide eyed wonder. His light brown, almost blond hair is a mess, often covering his face, it sits on his shoulders and reaches all the way to the middle of his back. He wears worn leather armour, completely covered by layer upon layer of sashes and cloth draped over him, ranging in colour from dark brown to earthy green to occasionally purples. He carries a walking stick, which upon closer inspection, turns out to be an old spear.


Shey was born in Innenotdir to a human father and an elven mother. He fled to gatepass during the genocide, during which his mother was killed, his father dying of grief and illness not long after. He started developing strange powers, as well as strange dreams, after his escape from the slaughter, and his father sent him to spend some time with his aunt Targashal, a powerful shaman, so that he might learn where they came from and how to control them. After his father died, Targashal took him in, and he has worked as her apprentice ever since, always trying to help the local farmers and other smallfolk.

During his time in Gatepass he met Torrent, and a romance almost blossomed between the two, but they found that there just wasn’t really a romantic spark between them. They are good friends who know that they can depend on each other.

Shey cares deeply for the common people, and will generally go out of his way to help those in need. He will almost always try to find a peaceful solutions to problems. That being said, he has no pity for the corrupt and the powerful.


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