Cleric of the Order of the Aquiline Cross


Short for a half-orc, Vola is a thick, muscly young woman. She wears chain mail armour under a tabard embroidered with the symbol of the Order of the Aquiline Cross – a cross encircled in a ring of feathers. Despite the warhammer strapped to her back, she gives off a kindly demeanor and will go out of her way to help those in need.


Vola is a half-orc, born and raised in Ragesia. When she was still young, her parents took part in a fairly small-scale rebellion against the Ragesian Empire. The rebellion was stifled violently, and her family was killed, including her parents and younger sister. Distraught, she fled, eventually stumbling across missionaries of the Aquiline Cross. She was awed by their talent in healing and their appreciation for all life, a stark contrast to the horrors she had just witnessed take place. She joined the order under Buron Watcher, finding home in Gate Pass. She has lived in Gate Pass ever since, as an acolyte of the order. The spirits have granted her some ability in magic, which she uses to keep the peace and protect the people.
Vola is prone to strong emotions, be it joy, sorrow, or anger. She makes an active effort to remain calm and collected, though there are certain things that will always bring her true colours to light. She will not tolerate harm being done to innocent people, nor will she stand idly by if there are people in need of her services.


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