Living Blade of Innenotdir

A wooden sword that is much more

weapon (melee)

Cut from the First Tree of Innenotdar, the Living Blade was once bonded to the heroine Anyariel. When the heroes retrieve it, it bonds to whoever pulls the blade from Indomitability’s body. The power of the weapon grows with its wielder, and some of the abilities below may be exchanged for ones of equal power that better reflect the nature or experiences of the sword’s wielder.

Whenever the wielder gains a level, he has the option of transforming the weapon’s shape. When the heroes first encounter it in Chapter 2, it is in the form of a greatsword, but it can be turned into almost any type of weapon. The Living Blade cannot be transformed into a weapons with complex moving parts like a repeating crossbow, or a weapon with multiple segments, like a flail, net, or spiked chain. It can, however, be transformed into many other weapons, such as a dagger, a crossbow, a whip, or a composite longbow. If it is turned into a composite bow, the wielder can choose any Strength bonus.

Once the Living Blade’s form is chosen, it remains in that form for a week, when he can transform it again. In any form, it appears as though it is roughly carved from wood.

Regardless of the form or enhancement bonus of the Living Blade, it has hardness 15 and 60 hp, and it takes no damage from fire.


Living Blade of Innenotdir

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