War of the Burning Sky

Vola's Journal, page nine

It has been a long time since we fled Gate Pass. I feel with every step I take the world becomes less sturdy around me. I am unsure of my surroundings, of these strange places I keep wandering through. Just when I was getting used to Seaquen – to the bustle of refugees, and the nattering and arguing of the council, and the brothel, and the schemes, and the sea – off we go again. Another land unknown to me, bitter cold and flooded with treachery. Bodies strewn across our path, too many bodies. Always too many.
I’m unfamiliar with this territory – I don’t know what it means to be a diplomat, and I don’t recognize any of these noble houses’ names. I believe our mission is important, if we are to save more people from Ragesia’s wrath, but I do not know what part I can play in this battle of words.
I miss Gate Pass, more with every step. I miss my family at the Aquiline Cross, Buron and all the rest. I miss the people, the comfort, the solid stone around us. But Gate Pass is burnt, and we leave a trail of fire behind us, charred footsteps on the map.
I don’t know what I can do here, but I pray the spirits will grant me guidance. If I can’t do something to help these people, then what good am I?

Sir Dakers Gallo's Journal, page 3


In trying times I have used you to clear my thoughts and now I find my need for you growing.
My father was not the most loving man but he was fair, strict and honest. These rumors of his treason will not shake my faith in his convictions to his rules.
I know best that none get special treatment from that man, forsaking your own blood for a mistake of a 17 year old taught me that lesson long ago.

Yet, Slanderous rumor of his hand in the assassination of the king’s wife and 18 children is beyond anything a moral man would do. I know in my heart he is innocent of this crime and until it is a crime for being a stubborn ass my father will break no such laws.

I must defend the Gallo name, the one small thing my father did leave me, and clear his. I look to Rand to help me navigate this den of vipers that is often refereed to as court.
Orvas, Vola and the new kid can help investigate the few threads of this lie that we can clutch at.

I still do not know what Shey is good at, if anything, but she has been a friend to me and shows concern for this nonsense that the court is spewing so I know when the time comes she will help in her own way.

I dare say I surprise myself wishing Tajen was here….. But already I have taken comfort in your pages too long, I must return to the real world and face these lies and untruths…..

An Audience with the King, Part 1
Welcome to Dassen

Goal: go to Bresk and convince King Steppengard to not let the Ragesians in

  • On the frozen river along the way to Bresk, the heroes were stopped when the sled ran into a leather belt, attached to some soldiers frozen in the ice. They were Lady Dene’s men, two shot by crossbows and one hanged.
  • A little while later, several police were harassing a halfling caravan, searching for spies. The heroes intervened as the police were about to execute a stowaway, and Dakers Gallo used his name to force the police to give her a fair trial. Though the heroes did learn that Lord Gallo might be a traitor?
  • In Bresk, the heroes quickly learn that two days ago, there was an assassination attempt against the entire royal family. King Steppengard’s wife and 18 children were all slain, though the King survived.
  • Lord Gallo’s proxy has been arrested for treason and it is suspected that Lord Gallo was behind the assassination
  • The heroes had an audience with the King the following morning, so they had to quickly do some recon to get the lay of the land.
Chapter 4

Lying between Seaquen and Ragesia is the Kingdom of Dassen, currently neutral in the war. Ragesia has pledged to respect that neutrality if the nation’s ruler, King Steppengard, gives one of Ragesia’s armies safe passage to Seaquen in order to destroy it. The leaders of Seaquen know they cannot stand against the Ragesians yet, so they must convince Steppengard not to agree to the Ragesians’ terms. Time is short, and in this perilous moment Seaquen looks to its most recent heroes to sway the conscience of the king.

A few days ago, King Steppengard of Dassen received a diplomatic emmissary from Ragesia and agreed to let the Third Ragesian Army march through his lands under escort, with the intent of destroying Seaquen, a village on the kingdom’s southern border that has never claimed allegiance to Dassen. The heroes are dispatched in response to this, on a mission to get King Steppengard to reverse his decision.

However, in the time between the heroes’ departure and their arrival in the capital of Bresk, tragedy strikes. A large-scale assassination attempt kills the queen and each of the king’s eighteen children, through a combination of poison and mysterious magic. Steppengard alone survives, and his most trusted advisor, a gnome wizard named Nina Glibglammer, has uncovered evidence that a member of the landed nobility was behind the plot. The heroes arrive in Bresk as paranoia and a vengeful hunger grips the populace.

It is still unclear which noble was responsible, but many suspect that a civil war looms in the near future. Coupled with the recent aggression of Ragesia, there is a sense the entire population is holding its breath and taking bets.

Shelter From the Storm
End of Chapter 3

At the start of Shelter from the Storm, the final leg of the heroes’ journey to Seaquen took them through a swamp.

Once they reached Seaquen, the heroes delivered the military intelligence and were invited to a council to share news and discuss the war effort. During this council, word comes that an ominous fleet of ships from the nation of Shahalesti have arrived, and their representative — Shalosha, daughter of the Shahalesti ruler — interrupted the meeting, trying to convince the city to ally with her people. The leaders of Seaquen initially rebuffed her, and in the following days the fleet blockades the peninsula while a persistent drizzle falls upon the city from thick storm clouds.

The heroes spent some time making friends and enemies, to help the thousands of refugees who currently have no shelter and dwindling food, and to prepare Seaquen and its people for the coming war, but before long conflict erupted when assassins attempt to kill various town leaders fails in a surprise attack that looked like it was orchestrated by the Shahalesti.

The true threat turned out to be not the Shahalesti, but rather the Ragesians. As Shahalesti ships blockade the harbour, the storm that has lingered for days intensifies to hurricane strength, forcing the people of the city to take shelter, and demolishing the Shahalesti fleet.

The Ragesians responsible for creating the magical storm were hiding in an ancient fire sorcerer’s tomb built into the lava tunnels and steam vents under the city. The heroes found their way into the dungeon and retreived the item controlling the storm from the traitorous druid Lee Sidoneth.


Shey's Diary, Page Eight

Once still waters churn like fresh blood,
Indignant currents throw their childish tantrum,
The sky cries hot and furious,
Rage streaks down, igniting the imperious land and boiling the vexed sea,
Sails billow, matching the storms challenge,
Above deck the voice of the captain is drowned out, by the crashing of waves,
Sickening foreshadowing to a shared fate,
Bellow there is no respite, the wooden boards slick with rain and sick,
A cabinboy wretches next to an admiral,
The violent churning knowing no rank,
The sailors are nettled with salt and ice,
A challenge is met and a challenge is failed,
Drowned Elves holding file,
Grim fear bleeding free from slackened jaws.
The water has not won, but it cannot lose

Vola's Journal, page eight

What a disgusting, despicable man. I pray that the spirits never grant him rest. I pray that they cause his soul eternal agony.
I pray the rest of the Inquisitors are not like him.
How any person could ever even consider doing something like that. To innocent people. To torture someone at all is heinous, but to torture someone for no purpose but your own sick, horrific pleasure?
I wish his death had brought me more satisfaction, but I can’t get the taste of bile and anguish and rage out of my mouth.


I brought the two survivors back to their homes, though I know it will not be an easy recovery. They deserved so much better than that horrible man.

If this is what Ragesia is breeding then I am ashamed to say I am one.

Ragesia must fall.

Orvas' Journal (Page 12)

Wow, what a terrible terrible person I’m glad he’s dead.
So the rumour of the pyromancer’s tomb turned out to be totally correct. It also happened to have an inquisitor/the worst human ever. Blech, I feel sick just thinking about him.
Also, it turns out that Lee is definitely working with him. Honestly, I’m having trouble seeing his motivation. I’m not sure I care though, I just want to get going.

The Pyromancer's Tomb

Goal: Find the Pyromancer’s Tomb

  • Below the sunken prison, the heroes found a bored hole with a glowing red light. Turns out, there was some sort of magic creating a bubble below the water level. In an underground cavern, there were channels of lava running through that caused the red glow.
  • Within the cavern was the Pyromancer’s tomb, which held a small number of Ragesian guards, and a charming Inquisitor, who had been disturbed amid torturing someone.
  • The heroes defeated the Inquisitor and discovered a glass sphere with wind-like etchings that seemed to be the source of the storm, though Rand learned that it needed to be paired with a control rod that was missing before it could be used.
  • Exploring a little bit more, they found the Pyromancer’s tomb with an ominous warning: “The spirit of the Pyromancer Damatarion shall destroy those who disturb his body’s rest.” Inside the tomb, the heroes found a ring and a brazier, both of which were magical.
  • After freeing two prisoners, the heroes exited the tomb and encountered Lee Sidoneth who apparently owned the Orb of Storms, but Vola defeated him with a strike from the Stormchaser Eagle itself.
  • Takasi, Laurabec’s giant eagle, sadly informed the heroes that Laurabec had fallen during the storm and Takasi was unable to save her. The paladin had been trying to rescue people who were stranded on ships in the harbour. Takasi blamed herself, but Tajen convinced the eagle to carry on doing Laurabec’s work.
  • Tajen and Takasi decided to take over the construction of the Unity Temple that Laurabec and Vola had been working on
  • The Orb of Storms was returned to the Lyceum Academy
  • Rand died and Sequins went out of business, although Orvas purchased some supposedly demon-possessed ladies who the Academy was able to disenchant
  • Haddin became appointed to the Faculty of the School of Enchantment
  • Crystin and Grace decided to enroll at Lyceum Academy
  • Tiljann joined the Wayfarers Guild and invited the heroes to her debut performance
Orvas' Journal (Page 11)

All in all, what I saw of the show was very good. They’re a very talented bunch, and I enjoyed the princesses company. That said, what an unpleasant night.
I still have no idea what Giorgio was up go, but I’m pretty sure there were elves involved somehow. Somehow. Also Lee, apparently? Though I’ve no idea what he would be doing making bombs.
In other news, apparently there’s a sunken prison thing with a fire-tomb at the bottom. That’s fine and all, but holding my breath isn’t exactly my forte.


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