War of the Burning Sky

Vola's Journal, page seven

The people of Seaquen will believe anything they hear – except, of course, the truth. I do not claim to be a supporter of the Shahalesti, but I know that they were not to blame for the attempted teleportation of the Wayfarer’s ship. Unless Giorgio was working for the Shahalesti, but considering the charred corpses we found shortly after his disappearance, this seems unlikely.
For some reason my companions seem to want us to withhold the truth from the people. This makes no sense to me, since it only would allow Giorgio’s plan to be successful, at least in part. But I suppose lying is what comes naturally to these folk – the noble types like Orvas (good-natured as he may be) and Dakers, and criminals like Rand. Sometimes lying is the best course of action, I know that, but this is not one of those cases. How many times have we lied without need? Or killed without just cause? I truly believe our intentions are good, but sometimes I wonder if we’re not the good guys.
What makes us so special? What sets us apart from any other thugs and thieves?
But now we’re off the find the home of the rats, which we hope will reveal some information to us. All we can do is hope.
Spirits, help me.

The Eye of the Storm
  • Giorgio the Wayfarer was going to teleport the ship 150 miles, to off the coast of Shahalesti!
  • Guildmistress Sheena Larkin came in to see what all the trouble was about, and was horrified with what she saw
  • When interrogating Giorgio, he teleported away, after confiding that he had cast a fire resistance spell
  • The Guildmistress announced that, due to an illness of a cast member, the rest of the show would be cancelled
  • Investigating the goings-on at the Wayfarer Theatre led to one of the thugs that had a note that said “Pick up the fire barrels from Lee on Friday”
  • A boat full of 12 dead (charred) elves was found floating beside the theatre, but they had been dead for at least a few hours.
  • Princess Shalosha recognized two of the elves but had no idea what they would be doing there
  • The storm was really picking up to hurricane-like levels
  • Following up on the lead about Lee Sidoneth (presumably), the heroes found his house abandoned
  • By the next day, rumours started to spread that the Shahalesti elves had tried to assassinate the leaders of Seaquen
  • Kazyk came to visit while the heroes were out pursuing Lee, and told Rand that he had located the tomb the heroes were looking for
  • The tomb was located beneath a sunken prison to the east of the peninsula, and when the characters arrived, they found themselves at the eye of the storm
  • Heading underwater into the prison, they found a circular tunnel leading straight down through the floor of the prison, with a glowing red light at the other end
Vola's Journal, page six

Sometimes I feel like the spirits are testing me. Throwing challenges at me, over and over again. Testing my strength, my resilience, my faith. As if this whole world wasn’t messed up enough, next thing I know we’re finding dead bodies at the circus, and people we had previously deemed innocent are now – apparently – murderers. I do not know what this Cirqueliste man was doing, or why he killed the actor whose body we found. I don’t know where that gnome came from. All I know is that whenever I even begin to suggest that maybe, just maybe, we begin to do something good, something else always comes along to stand in our way, to make the world a little less safe a place.
Spirits, I hope I am pleasing you. I try to stay strong, to stay calm, to stay gentle, and in control. I keep my faith. I keep smiling. But it is getting harder.
Laurabec approached me and Tajen at the clinic, after it was vandalized with anti- Aquiline Cross messages. She believes we should start a unifying temple, that praises all of the spirits and recognizes each of their teachings. I agree with her, and we have been working towards this unity, yet I won’t deny that it hurts me to hear that I am still – as always – not doing enough. I cannot please everybody, I know, but I want to. I want to help everyone, and I want everyone to feel welcome. I want to create a home for the refugees, and a temple for every faith under the sun. I want the people of Seaquen to be happy, as well as the people of Dassen, and Sindaire, and even Shahalesti. Even Ragesia. In some ways, especially Ragesia.
I want peace. I am tired of the fighting, of the fear, the dissent.
I am tired, and yet I know it has barely begun.

Orvas' Journal (Page 10)

Rand’s plan seems to be.. Going. Honestly, I really have no idea how it’s going, but it hasn’t been called off yet.
Admiral Telshanth seems to be under the impression that he does’t need to negotiate, that we’ll all just lie down and let him walk all over us. So far, the meetings have not done much to prove otherwise. I think it would be a significant tactical advantage to ally ourselves with Shahalesti, but this is not how we should be going about it.
On that topic, I’ve taken matters into my own hands heh and asked Princess Shalosha to the play. Hopefully, having a friend on their side will come in handy.
Also, everyone seems to think I have some sort of nefarious motive for asking the hot elven princess on a date. I really don’t. This move is entirely tactical.
Also also, Giorgio killed a guy? That doesn’t make even the slightest bit of sense. Like, literally none.
I hope my friends can get an explanation out of him.

What did they put in that thing

Gods….I feel like shit….I’m not sure what Vola is putting in that concoction she keeps feeding me, but I am pretty sure I have thrown-up an internal organ or two. It’s going to kill me, in fact I think I might die a little right now……………………………………………………………………………………………….. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. okay that’s enough.
If I can keep pushing the buttons of the council maybe they’ll start reacting in a way I can better manipulate towards a better end for Gate Pass, but that is only if I can keep my head clear and thats not likely to happen with all these black stars exploding in front of my eyes, boom, ooohhhh look at the pretty lights.
The plan seems to be working, Shey has even managed not to screw up….yet… I am hoping to see a decline in the clientele soon. The rumors seem to be doing their job and the spoiled wine certainly has had a negative effect on a few of the patrons. I’ll just ramp up the ‘drained’ act upon leaving the girls, maybe a few well placed projectile vomiting’s.
The performance was nice but everyone kept getting up and moving around. They really should have gone before the show…….. oh look the floor, it’s coming up to say hello.

Tajen's Journal Entry 2

Dear Journal,

I have been so busy over these last few weeks, or has it only been days, working at Vola’s clinic that I can hardly remember the last time we spoke. The clinic is starting to really shape up and I think my rumours are going over well with the refugees, as well as the town’s folk of Seaquen.

Vola and I have been trying to start a new church here too. I am very excited about our church, or well I guess I should call it more of a gathering place for all philosophies and beliefs. I cannot wait for it to take off and spread throughout the world. I do not think that it will be overnight, but the idea of unifying the people of Seaquen will be a good start. I am looking forward to hearing what others have to say and to learn more about their beliefs and connections to their different faiths. I think giving folks an outlet to share will be a positive experience for everyone and will bring me that much closer to my dreams of unifying this broken world. Sometimes I feel like I am trying so hard to reach my goals and that nothing is happening, but this church has rekindled my hopes.

This evening we are all going to a wonderful show put on by the Wayfarers! After sitting through so many of those long council meetings, this will be a welcome change for the evening. Giorgio has been at most the meetings and boasts about his show at every chance he gets. He seems like a decent guy, and well, he’s not bad looking either. I have heard so much about the beautiful costumes, intricate tricks and death defying acrobatics, I cannot wait to see it all first hand! This will definitely be something to write home about; Mama would be so impressed that her little girl has been invited to such a sophisticated and prestigious event.

Oh no! Griffs is trying to eat my show tickets! Until next time, Little Journal!

Sir Dakers Gallo's Journal, page 2
Day 2

Giorgio a murderer…I would never have believed it but his attempt to flee the scene of that body leaves little doubt. Additionally his actions thereafter incriminate him to the fullest. I wish to question him when he wakes, however that bone shattering punch from Tajen might leave him wondering who he is.
Regardless we must get to the bottom of this, with the elves declaring pseudo-war on Dessan with their actions of the port blockades Seaquen is crazy enough. Though I do not look forward to the response I will send first hand account to my father and see if the nobles of Dessan can use some political maneuvering to deal with these elves, since I have no interest in their petty politics any more.

I commend Rand with his effort to stopping the brothel. The mixtures I make for him would make any man sick as a dog, yet he still seems to stumble to and from the brothel with relative easy. That makes liver must work magic, at least what ever is left of it.

I do not know what Orvas is playing at with this evening out with the elvish princess but I hope it is just politics because the last thing this town needs is a whirlwind romance that the elvish king does not take kindly to. That man is some new level of brave or brash in my books.

I do hope Shey and Vola stick around for the interrogation of Giorgio, between their two magics I hope we can reach the bottom of this quickly, quietly and without making new enemies of a group of famous teleporting acrobats.

God help a sane Dessani man in this town, in these times….

The Spectacular Trial of Toteth Topec


  • Rand helped come up with a plan to discredit Cernaban Gremman and drive Sequins out of business, and put the others to work enacting the plan
  • Orvas went out clothes shopping with Vola and Rand to buy a pimp suit as part of the plan, but they ran into Giorgio, Wayfarer Extraordinaire! who was in desperate need of a new stronman. He begged Orvus to join the circus, but Orvus deflected by pointing out that Vola was stronger. After pondering the possibility of a bearded strong woman, Vola hid, and Giorgio left in a snit.
  • Dakers went to the swamp to acquire some herbs to make poisons with, and encountered signs of human habitation in a remote part of the swamp.
  • Vola and Tajen worked at a clinic and discovered worms in their medical supplies several times, before arriving at the clinic one day to find the message “Go back to Sindaire” painted on the wall. Laurabec said that there were religious hostilities rising and suggested building a Temple of Unity to bridge the gap.
  • Shey caused mischief at Sequins, frightening a cook, causing the lights to flicker, and turning the water black
  • Rand drank poison and went to Sequins often, looking like an addict whose life was being drained slowly, and working to poison other patrons.
  • Vola and Tajen began spreading the word about possible demonic activity near Majestic Creations, while they recruited support for their new temple. They met a monk calling himself Three Weeping Ravens, from the Order of Echoed Souls, who claimed that there were eight elements, not just Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. He also added Life, Death, Time, and Space, and inquired whether those would be included in this Temple of Unity.

War Council

  • Not much was accomplished.
  • Rand called out Princess Shalosha and suggested that if she didn’t have real power, they should be speaking with Admiral Telshanth, who was a real ray of sunshine.

The Play

  • All the members of the War Council, including Princess Shalosha but not Admiral Telshanth, attended a special showing of the play, The Spectacular Trial of Toteth Topec which is a fairly well-known tale, although the Wayfarers Guild put their own spin on it.
  • Orvas invited the elven Princess to the play
  • After Act Two of the play, after Giorgio’s character died onstage, he was seen backstage with literal blood on his hands. He had killed one of the other actors and attempted to get to the control room, but the heroes noticed him, chased him, and stopped him before he teleported the ship to firey doom.
Shey's Diary, Page Seven

Rand did not enjoy the meditation. He demands that I recognize the fact that I am possibly a demon of some form. Okay. That’s a possibility. I fit many of the criteria. Honestly I just think that he refuses to take responsibility for himself. He hates himself and he’s taking it out on me. Yes Indomitability is free and possibly causing chaos, I won’t defend my benefactor. Rand was however very quick to defend the Ragasian military when we first met, the group which is most definitely causing huge amounts of chaos and death. But that’s none of my business I suppose.

To tell the truth, I’m just tired. I’m so so tired of running, of fighting. I’m tired of losing my homes, I’m tired of being yelled at because I’m not some form of slick city-dweller. I just wish things were simple, like they were in Gatepass. In Innenotdir. I’m tired of soldiers and war councils. I’m tired of people treating death like a game. If I could fall asleep and never wake up, just drift down a slow river for the rest of creation. Spirits would I jump at the chance.

Maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on Rand (I should), he has come up with a plan to deal with the monster behind Sequins. The kidnapper and rapist. And I suppose it just might work. I just want to ease a little suffering.

You know, two months ago I would have suggested that we try to change this brothellier’s ways, show him the goodness of the spirits and make him repent. Now. Well right now I just want to watch him bleed out on his brothel floor.

Waters preserve me.

Orvas' Journal (Page 9)

Rand may have his manic moments and his drunken moments, but the guy know how to work a room. The war council seems to be working. In that there is taking going on. About the war. We have a few days until the next meeting, so a plan has been hatched to rescue some girls from evil prostitution. I wasn’t there for this part, but apparently Shey had a run in with an evil pimp, so we’re going to try and save the missing girls he stole.
In other news, that guy we fought in the fire forest wanted to say hi. Apparently there are no hard feelings. Rand managed to convince him to find us the secret lair of the pyromancer. What a guy.


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