Every character gains a minimum of two (up to three, if desired) bonds. One will be determined by the character’s background (and called a Primary Bond). In addition, characters select a secondary bond from the list below. They may select more than one, if it is appropriate for the character. You may also, with the DM’s permission, create a new bond other than the ones suggested with these NPCs. Some details as to their character are provided to give an idea as to what sort of relationships might be appropriate

Secondary Bonds

Buron Watcher

Human, male, middle-aged, priest (Aquiline Cross)
Possible relationships: older relative, mentor, neighbour
Primary bond for: Acolyte of the Aquiline Cross
Someone in your family is a patron of Buron’s chapel, and you remember the man for his inability to refuse help to anyone in need. Why have you kept in touch all these years?

Captain Herreman

Half-orc, male, middle-aged, captain of a scouting unit of Gate Pass Light Cavalry
Possible relationships: older relative, neighbour
You grew up next door to the Captain, and he’s gotten you out of a spot of trouble or two in the past (though you’ve always had to make up for it), but you don’t mind, since he kept your neighbourhood safe. What was the worst trouble he bailed you out of?


Human, male, adult, wizard (enchanter)
Possible relationships: relative, mentor, neighbour, drinking buddy
Primary bond for: Academy Student
Diogenes has been an important mentor/father figure to you. How did this relationship develop, and what sort of guidance do you ask for?

Erdan Menash

Human, male, middle-aged, councillor
Possible relationships: older relative, mentor, patron
Primary bond for: Political Protégé
You owe Erdan for getting your start. Although he didn’t have to, he vouched for you or gave you a chance when no one else would. What did you need help with? How and why did he help?


Human, male, young adult, scoundrel
Possible relationships: childhood friend, love interest, drinking buddy, rival
Primary bond for: Liberator
Once, you were a victim of Rantle’s cons. No matter how you feel about the guy, his skill, at least, has earned your respect. So, how do you feel about him?


Human, female, young adult, priestess (Child of Elz)
Possible relationships: love interest, friend, mentor, drinking buddy
Primary bond for: Exchange Student
You enjoy Torrent’s company (and perhaps there is budding romance). What complicates this relationship?

Trehan Finner

Human, male, adult, bartender
Possible relationships: relative, neighbour, drinking buddy
You’ve taken Trehan’s arrest as a personal insult, and won’t let something like this stand, not without a fight. So this morning, you joined up with the Resistance. What did Trehan do to inspire such loyalty in you?

  • Alternate: your bond is not with Trehan, but instead his wife Viv. Since her husband was arrested, she’s been lobbying everyone she knows to join the Resistance. Why did you listen to her? What leverage does she have over you?


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