Campaign Framework

Campaign Concept

In War of the Burning Sky, you will have the chance to fight in a war of mythic proportions, and determine the fate of many nations in its aftermath. Ever-escalating conflicts, powered by mighty magic and fervent faith, threaten your freedom and lives, and even the world itself.

War is coming. Are you ready?

Rules and Supplements

  • Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
  • Player’s Handbook by Wizards of the Coast is allowed
  • Any other supplement is assumed to be not allowed, but may be examined on a case by case basis
  • There are some house rules that restrict or modify character options, these are explained in Character Creation


  • We are using a pre-published adventure that is not set in any particular world
  • A homebrew campaign world was created around the parameters in the adventure
  • Generally, assume a heroic fantasy world, but with the following notable exceptions:
    • Magic is fairly common. Two cities the PCs spend time in early on have magical academies. The party wizard is not a unique snowflake, though he is cooler than most of the other wizards.
    • Elemental forces rule. You will see a heavy elemental influence on the world, particularly in the way magic works. If there is an elemental-themed option for your class, you can bet that it fits in the best with the setting.
    • Religion works very differently. There are no gods. There are strong elemental entities, along with many servants of these entities that are themselves also elementals. Everyday religion is much more self-directed (i.e. thanking the earth for a good harvest), while organized religion is much more cult-like (i.e. if we don’t raze that village as sacrifice, we will die by fire before the next turn of the moon)
    • Special note: teleportation magic normally works, but is currently malfunctioning. Talk to me if you want to be a teleporter.

Tone, Story, Roles, and Play Style

  • The main storyline follows the progress of a war across five nations
  • The type of adventures the PCs will be going on will generally be military operations, including:
    • Spying, scouting, and infiltration
    • Finding valuable information and getting it to the right people
    • Tactical strike missions
    • Street-to-street fighting through occupied cities
    • Creating alliances, or negotiating treaties
    • Finding artefacts that can turn the tide of the war
    • Participate in large-scale battles
  • In general, I don’t like combat. Of course it will come up (it is D&D after all), but if you make a combat-focused character, you’re going to be bored a lot of the time
  • The PCs are expected to be heroic individuals that affect the outcome of the war. This doesn’t mean they have to be Good. Just people who take action.
  • The war is closer to Game of Thrones than Lord of the Rings in terms of morality. There is no clear “good guys” or “bad guys,” although some are gooder or badder than others. We’re more looking at people doing bad things for good reasons, or people doing good things for bad reasons.

Timeline and Structure

  • This is an epic campaign, which means it’s not episodic. It’s a long story with a start, a goal, and an end.
  • The game will take characters from level 1 to 20
  • In game time, the events will take place over roughly a period of one year, with minimal downtime, so if your character has a long-term plan (i.e. raising a pet dragon, building a wizard tower, founding a new religion) do not expect it to be resolved before the end of the campaign (though it totally could be in an epilogue)

Campaign Framework

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