All classes in the Player’s Handbook are permitted, though there are some that have some options restricted. In addition, some classes fit into the world very specifically, so a character choosing that class has some roleplaying requirements (such as affiliation with a particular group).

Classes with restricted options

  • Cleric (not all class options available)
  • Monk (not all class options available, roleplaying requirements)
  • Paladin (roleplaying requirements)
  • Sorcerer (not all class options available)
  • Warlock (not all class options available, roleplaying requirements)

In addition, in any campaign, it is good to know the types of characters that are going to be the most rewarding to play. For instance, in a campaign featuring undead, a cleric would be an excellent choice, while a bard might be a poor option. In a campaign featuring wilderness survival, barbarians, druids, and rangers become much more useful than fighters, clerics, and rogues.

This is not either of those types.

In this campaign, use the following as guidelines:

  • In general, charisma will be important, so charismatic classes (i.e. sorcerer vs. wizard, paladin vs. fighter) will have more to do
  • In particular, having a bard in the party is actually a good idea
  • The game takes place (mostly) in civilization, so uncivilized and nature-oriented characters will have less to do than in a typical D&D game
  • Magic is very common in the world, so it is recommended that there be at least one elemental-focused arcane caster
  • Strictly combat characters will often find themselves with nothing to do, so fighters are recommended to consider options with more roleplaying depth (i.e. paladin or eldritch knight)
  • Morality will be an issue, so characters with a strong moral stance (i.e. paladin) will likely be more involved (though remember to keep it fun for everyone)
  • The DM would have fun messing with a warlock


Rarity: Rare
Suggested Background: Ragesian Refugee


Suggested Background: Wayfarer Cirqueliste, Exchange Student, Political Protégé, or Liberator


Restricted class options: Only the following domains are available:


Suggested Background: Witch/Shaman or Taranesti Survivor


Suggested Background: Shining Warrior, Dasseni Nobility, or Griffon Rider


Restricted class options: Only the following option is available:


Suggested Background: Acolyte of the Aquiline Cross


Suggested Background: Griffon Rider or Taranesti Survivor


Suggested Background: Liberator or Wayfarer Cirqueliste


Suggested Background: Witch/Shaman, Ragesian Refugee, or Two Winds Training


Rarity: Rare
Restricted class options: Only the following pacts are available:

  • Archfey Pact (technically your patron is not a fey. Choose a patron’s name: Indomitability, Metamorphosis, or Victory)
  • Genie Pact (technically your patron is an elemental instead of a genie. Only earth and water are available. The earth patron’s name is Thuuga-el-Shembul, the water patron’s name is Silesh-el-Mavisha. Note: the level 14 power for Genie Bottle will be replaced with something else (it doesn’t work, thematically), but I haven’t figured out what yet.)
    Suggested Background: Witch/Shaman, Ragesian Refugee


Suggested Background: Student of War or Exchange Student


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