Joining the Resistance

At the start of the adventure, all characters must be affiliated with the Resistance.

Devoted to keeping the city of Gate Pass free from the rule of both Ragesia and Shahalesti, the resistance includes a huge variety of people from the many nations that have a vested interest in keeping the current balance of power. Mostly they work to bolster pride among the citizens of Gate Pass, though occasionally a spy is turned over to the authorities by unknown persons, and the resistance is credited with the capture. Many farmers and ranchers who live in the mountains surrounding the city claim to have spoken to members of the resistance, who encouraged them to be prepared to fight to defend their lands.

You must come up with a reason for your character to be going on this mission. Here are some helpful suggestions:

  • You have some beef or grudge against Ragesia or Shahalesti or both, and it is enough to fight for. Make sure you know what it is.
  • You believe in freedom from oppression, and are willing to fight to keep Gate Pass free. Why do you feel this way?
  • You are a magic user and are freeing the Scourge. Make sure this gives you enough reason to keep on going after you’ve attained immediate freedom.
  • You are a friend of Torrent’s, good enough to travel with her into danger.
  • Any of the default secondary bonds may have asked you to go on this mission.
  • You are looking for someone who has recently left Gate Pass. Make sure you are able to answer why you keep on going after you find them or fail to find them.
  • You are fleeing the war. However, remember you are a hero, so you better have some good reasons for your character to later become involved in the war.
  • Your home lies somewhere to the south of Gate Pass. Though as previously mentioned, make sure you are able to keep adventuring after you get there.

Joining the Resistance

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