War of the Burning Sky

Retrieving the Case

Goal: Retrieve the case containing vital military intelligence from the gnome Rivereye Badgerface

  • At the depository tower, the heroes found Rivereye, who referred to Shey as “Peppin” and asked for the password to open a depository box. When they said they didn’t have a password, Rivereye said he might have it in his other cloak, and left. Rand picked the lock on the box, and inside was a beautiful silk embroidery of a Ostaliner noble.
  • Searching the tower, the fourth floor contained three unconscious dwarves, one dead half-orc, and one unconscious gnome. However, the first Rivereye seemed to have vanished (i.e. did not exit through the front door).
  • Upon rousing the real Rivereye, he said that there were three elves that had a contact at Gabal’s School of War, and he asked them to retrieve the case.
  • At Gabal’s, they ran into Diogenes, who said an elf named Shealis has recently had an elven visitor
  • They cornered Shealis in her room and Shey convinced her to cooperate. She led the heroes to a safe house in an elven ghetto.
  • Rand began talking to an invisible (or imaginary) person, and managed to convince the elves in the safe house that invisible Ragesians were surrounding the place. In the chaos that ensued, Rand swapped the case with a toolbox and the heroes escaped with the case.

Goal: Get out of Gate Pass, and deliver the case to Simeon in Lyceum

  • They visited the Temple of the Aquiline Cross where Buron Watcher suggested a way out of the city – by pretending to be guards, which would require the assistance of someone with military rank or political influence.
  • Orvas suggested visiting Erdan Menash, the councilman, who was able to tell them that the Second Ragesian Army consisting of more than ten thousand troops was outside Gate Pass, demanding to let the Ragesian Inquisitors inside the city. Tonight’s attack was just an initial assault, and the defenders were able to drive them off, but if Gate Pass does not meet their demands, the second attack will be much worse. Gabal, head of the School of War, was in favour of tricking the Inquisitors into the city where they can be overwhelmed by the arcane force of the school.
  • Shey learned that people who had been arrested were being held in a nearby mansion, but the true threats, including Targashal, had been moved elsewhere, probably to Ragesia.
  • Erdan Menash gave a writ to Captain Herreman, a friend, who is scheduled to go on a scouting mission at dawn. The writ increased the recommended size of the patrol by 11



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