War of the Burning Sky

Shey's Diary, Page One

Auntie always told me that they would be back. That they would come with monsters on the wind and fire in the sky. Even with all of her warnings I never could have prepared for what happened. For what I’ve seen so far. I know that she is safe, I know that no band of mere thugs could hope to overpower her. But still I pray to veins of the world that I am right.

To think that all of this is happening just to “avenge” some conqueror, who’s throne was built from the blood of the common people. The lords in their towers don’t care about the poor being stepped on. It’s all just a game to them, a game which always seems to end in genocide.

To think that the Mayor would allow these monsters access to my home, to think that he would let them steal children from the streets, and the elderly from their beds. To think that he would turn his back on his people and let them be slaughtered in the streets like cattle. He will see justice. Him, and every Ragasian lord and general who think that they own us. They have built themselves beds of tinder and straw, and thought themselves unable to burn. They will soon learn their mistake. The people will rise, scores of them will die, but they will succeed, and those who stand atop the ashes will have learned that it was they who had the power all along.

I do not fully understand what Torie’s plans are, but I have a feeling that she knows much more than I, and I will follow where she leads. I honestly have yet to catch the names of any of my fellows. But that half-Orc seems to be a magic user, and one of good character. The other two, the humans, they seem interesting. Less trustworthy. Both of them have shown to be willing to help. One of them at least is a lordling of some kind. I will try not to let first impressions guide my decisions.

Waters preserve us, I hope Torie has a plan. I won’t lose my home. Not again.



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