War of the Burning Sky

The Journal of Rand

Entry 1

By the burning balls of the Flamebringer Dragon! What just happened?! Rumors are one thing, but suddenly to have the Council roll over for the Ragesian Inquisition, to have people planning rebellion in secret meetings against an enemy who is only rumored to be at your gate, and then to have that enemy show up in the middle of the night with wyrven’s, dragon pitch, and actual dragons?! Well that is a little much.

I am all for a conspiracy, just as much as the next fellow, but I can’t help feeling like like someone had this all planned out for me. But why me? I’m nobody really, and now I’ve been stuck with a few other nobody’s (Well maybeOrvas is somebody, he’s at least the bastard son of someone who thinks they’re important enough to sell out the whole city) to escortTorrent (Some water priestess with oceanic delusions – hello, look around…mountains) to some other like minded resistance fighters somewhere to the east.

My brother always said I had my head so far up my own ass that all I could see was what my dick was looking at (strangely I kind of liked that analogy), and it pains me to admit he may have been right. Wars, assassinations, armies….I always knew these things happened, but not here, not on my doorstep. But now my family is in danger and my city is burning. I cannot just stand on the walls and fight all of Ragesia on my own, I can’t just let my family’s home be overrun. I can’t just run (I mean really, there’s an ocean in the way. What do I do when I get there? Swim? I am a mountain boy, beside I’m told that water is like poison…)

So I look to the allies I do have. Shay , a crazed farmer-shaman with an accent that seems to be barely decipherable (I mean really, do all the farmers talk like that? I really have to get out more….or do I…). Orvus (or Orvass) who is a civic minded layabout like myself (in the layabout respect), andVola who is the most strangely attractive half-orc I have ever seen (those little tusks are so adorable) who I have seen break a man’s legs with one swing of a hammer. In her defense he was stabbing at her with a pointy stick.

Torrent might be an friend, or she just might be a manipulative, paranoid, sociopath sexy priestess (why are all priestesses hot? or really why is it I find all priestesses hot?).

All I know now is that these people are my best chance for getting my family out of Gate Pass and maybe finding some solution to whats about to happen to us.



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