Liberator of Hearts and Wallets


Tall, dark-haired, and roguishly handsome, by his goatee and massive greatsword you recognize this man as the local folk hero Rantle, a scoundrel and defender of the common man. Despite his light chain armor, his smirk says clearly that he thinks he’s invincible.


One particularly well-known rogue is a dashing scoundrel named Rantle. He came to fame because of an elaborate confidence game to steal from a female merchant. One night when his scam was near fruition, he was with the merchant when she was attacked by a trio of common thugs who intended to have their way with the woman. Rantle fought them off, then stayed around to protect her while the city guard arrived, even though he knew he would be recognized and arrested. Public support for his heroism got him pardoned, and many people have begun calling for him to join the city council.


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