Tajen Notch

Human Paladin, Ex-Griffon Rider of Gate Pass


Tajen is a young women of below average stature for a human her age. She has long brown hair, which is usually hastily thrown together into a braid and is often speckled with dirt and grime. Despite being quite strong and fit, Tajen gives off an air of childish innocence and is rarely received in any formal fashion by her peers. She is of common birth and grew up on the outskirts of Gate Pass. Although she has dark brown eyes and leathery, sun-strained skin, Tajen seems to emit a beacon of spiritual light that brightens her surroundings and the people she meets. Tajen is an unwavering optimist, who lives by the tenets of the Oath of the Ancients. The people closes to her would say that she is rather dense and that once she puts her mind to something, she will follow through no matter what the circumstances.

Tajen still wears her uniform from her days as a Griffon Rider of Gate Pass. The Griffon Rider insignia that once stood out proudly on her chest plate now looks as if it has been torn off, then hastily patched back on. She has tried her best to keep her chain mail armour free of rust and dirt throughout her long journey to Seaguen, however there is now noticeable wear. Sheathed on her hip is a longsword and slung across her back is her trusty shield and javelins. By her side, a baby griffon trots along. Despite her best effort, or so she says, the griffon has become her shadow and follows her wherever she goes. She has reluctantly given him the name Grifs and, despite what she may say about her feelings towards the little fellow, Tajen is very protective of the baby griffon.



Tajen Notch

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