Order of the Aquiline Cross

There is an ancient myth of the Stormchaser Eagle, a being of pure air and life, a free and joyful spirit, who succumbed to pride and vanity. As a result, he was lured into a trap by the Flamebringer Dragon, which caused the Eagle’s literal downfall. This is the tale of the Dragon and the Eagle.

This order was created long ago to honour the Eagle, to emulate its spirit so that it lives on in its followers, and to reflect on this morality tale – on the dangers of being too prideful. They also preach mercy, sacrifice, and a fierce defense of life.

Most members of the clergy are called Knights of the Aquiline Cross, and are typically Paladins. Others are Clerics (Sky Domain). Their magicks include air magic, healing, and spells that promote movement.

Their enemies are those who enslave or imprison those who are weaker, bullies, and murderers. Their symbol is a cross encircled by feathers, and they consider birds and the wind to be auspicious (this is an homage to the Stormchaser Eagle).

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Order of the Aquiline Cross

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